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Wildlife Learning Center

Please consider contributing to the care of these deserving animals. Some of these animals were confiscated from people who kept them as illegal pets; some owners relinquish a pet because they no longer can or want to care for their animal; and some are rehabilitated animals that are determined to be non-releasable, meaning they cannot survive in the wild. For these animals, Wildlife Learning Center becomes their permanent home, where they receive life-long care.  Ongoing fundraising supports the care of dozens of rescued and rehabilitated animals; covers veterinary care and daily animal care; funds enclosure construction and maintenance; provides school outreach programs; and pays for general operating costs. WLC’s long-term goal is to expand the Center by purchasing the land it resides on, develop animal habitats, create a student classroom, and rescue more animals in need. 

Nora For a Better Life

#NoRA is a new kind of collective action.

We’re a culture hack. We’re for moving culture into a less violent place by counteracting the influence of NRA money in the American political system. And we’re going to win.

Mini Therapy Horses

A team of highly trained miniature therapy horses visit over 50,000 children and adults in need each year across the United States.  These horses help people in crisis—from the survivors of the San Bernardino tragedy to the children staying at the Ronald McDonald Houses while receiving critical medical procedures. The horses make weekly visits to the patients at The Greater Los Angeles Veterans Hospital and have fulfilled last wish requests. All of the minis are registered law enforcement therapy horses at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Civilian Volunteer Program. They are on-call 24/7 as members of the Los Angeles Mayor’s Crisis Response Team, providing comfort to those involved in traumatic incidents and can be called upon as first responders at a moment’s notice.


I am honored to join @MrEdgardoNYC’s incredible labor of love for #PuertoRico. Seven months since Hurricane Maria and help still desperately needed.


Get your copy of #RICANSTRUCTION @DCComics heroes with 100% of the proceeds to help Puerto Ricans.

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